Generally referred as Python, it is the python’s mainstream implementation written in C meeting the C89 compiler

• CPython compiles the python programs into intermediate byte-code and then translates this into the native language of your computer and then runs it.

• It is truly a cross-platform language. Programs written once can be run across a variety of platforms, on which CPython is supported, with minimum or no changes.

• All python program files have .py extension and CPython’s byte-code files have a .pyc extension

Important Features of Python

python is awesome


It is a High Level Interpreted Language (HLL) conceived by Guido Van Rossum in late 1980s.

• It has a simple and clean syntax

• It is a multi-paradigm language, in a way it lets user adopt object-oriented and/or structured programming paradigms

• Its key goal is to enhance developer productivity through: modularity, uniformity, simplicity

• Ease of extensibility:

Python language itself has a small core but much of the functionality is provided through loadable modules. These modules together form a large python standard library. New modules can easily be written in Python and/or C / C++.

• It has thousands of third-party extensions and tools

• Some of its known implementations are: CPython, Jython, IronPython, and pypy.

Python – An Introduction



Python is an interpreted, high-level programming language and an object-oriented scripting language. Designed for clarity and simplicity, it’s useful for creating large programs and for gluing pieces of other programs together.

It has got a large standard library and a wealth of third-party extensions, libraries and tools. With several production-quality open-source implementations available, many excellent books, and growing acceptance in both industry and academia, Python can play useful role within a huge variety of software development projects.

This document is an overview of the main characteristic of the language. Programmers who are skilled at such languages as Java, C++ and C will find Python relatively very easy to learn.